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Pictures to draw for funDraw these images for fun. Friendly Dog and Cat

Artwork is relaxing and allows your creative brain to grow. Getting started with pictures to draw for fun is something everybody can do,however, it will not be the same creative process for every artist.

You will decide what is easy to draw or not, depending on what your skill level is or what pictures capture your imagination the most. The general rule is, if you are interested in a certain thing or image, it will be easier to draw than tackling something you don't like. For example, if you wish to start drawing with animals, pick your favorite cool creature and get busy with your drawing.

Maybe you like motorcycles, space aliens or wish to start with your favorite animated character or even a cartoon drawing which you can showcase here. Skill comes with time, however, motivation is instantaneous and is just what you need to get your artwork up and running today.

Go With What You Know
Getting started in artwork might seem a bit nebulous at first. All of us have our strengths and weaknesses with what we draw, and although you may experiment with everything, most likely you will excel in certain artistic areas.

To make your drawing time a positive experience, go with what you know. Simply put: start with images that are engaging and entertaining to keep your passion strong and your interests high. Some of the best artists in the world stick to a certain genre and vision because those images motivate and excite them. Your niche may be life drawings, animals in action, comic book cartooning, impressionistic art or total abstract canvases to emote feelings rather than reality.

Music Elevates Creativity
Music is a creative stimulant and could be your best friend when it's time to draw for fun. Add your favorite tunes when you pick up a pencil and watch what your artistic energy skyrocket. The type of music you are listening to also affects the mood and tone of your drawing, so get to know yourself from the inside out with a music background to discover all the hidden concepts in of your head. If you are musically inclined, you will find your artwork to be more intense and come to you at a faster pace.

Total Individuality and No Rules
Finally, you have to understand that whatever you want to draw and however you want it to look, is the way it is going to be. Sure, everybody wants to be an art critic and lead you in a certain direction, however, the real artist in you does not want to hear their input.

Sketch of horsepencil and ink sketch of horse

To fully express yourself as an artist, you have to learn to go with your instinct and run with it.

It's nice to hear comments from people about your finished product, however, when you are in the process of drawing, painting, sculpting or whatever, you are master of your own destiny—so go with pictures to draw and have fun doing it!

Scroll down here for ideas.

Large male black bear in ColoradoLarge black bear
Hen drawing to copyHen Drawing to Copy
Koala Bear and CubKoala Bear and Cub
Deer in Pen and InkDeer in Pen and Ink

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