Please Take Note of Uploading Artwork

by Sara Albright
(Far East)

Sometimes Pure Frustration

Sometimes Pure Frustration

Several subscribers have been trying to upload their artwork but ALL of them in the past three days have been rejected by the moderator. Why?

The images have either been too dark, they have not been cropped (a load of clutter showing in the background).

Are you not proud of your artwork that you cannot take the time to crop them? Also look at your drawings as other see it. What would they think of really poor quality photography? Do you know what they do? They click off the page immediately!

My suggestions are, if you want them published is to shoot them in bright light and, if possible, shoot them using an SLR digital camera – not a cell phone. If you are going to shoot with a cell phone for goodness sake, shoot outside in the sunlight or bright light—not in your basement!

Once you’ve taken your shot, upload it on your computer and use free digital software “Gimp” to edit (crop your artwork for best results. If you do not adhere to these requests, do not expect your artwork to be published on this site.

We have plenty of visitors globally to see artwork and so you get plenty of exposure—that’s exactly what artists need if you want to sell your work or if you’d like other artists to critique your work.

Thanks, Sara (Moderator)

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