Pope's Visit Taken From His Talk To Congress on What Should be Done

by Marcus Demitri

Important Points in His Congress Speech

The most powerful religious leader has recently visited the United States. One of the highlights of his visit was a speech before Congress of the US which was not expected by American Catholics but also by every Catholic around the world
In his speech, the Pope challenged millions of Americans to a few important points but mainly pointed out that everyone should reject the type of political conflict that only satisfies itself by categorizing what is good from evil.

He wants people go beyond their own comfort zones and to immerse themselves in the important aspects of today’s world.
He urged the people, Catholics and non-Catholics alike, to a response of healing, hope and a wish for peace in the country and for justice to prevail.

Here are eight important points during his historic speech.

1. A call for climate change

He addressed the need to act now when it comes to climate change. Humans have caused the deterioration of the environment and therefore humans should also do something to avert this right away.

2. A call to address poverty

He wants the people especially the leaders of the nation to take action when it comes to averting poverty and all the possible issues that are related to poverty. He believes that poverty is a cycle and those trapped in that cycle should be helped most of all.

3. A call to welcome immigrants especially those fleeing oppression

The Pope urged everyone to open their hearts to immigrants. He especially cited those that are fleeing oppression and violence such as those that are leaving Syria.

If anyone asks for help one should not repeat the errors of past generations but instead resolve this injustice at once. One should never turn his back to anyone that needs help.

4. A call to abolish the death penalty

Pope Francis reiterated the sanctity of human life, every life is sacred and every person should be rewarded with dignity even those that have committed crimes. He believes that each person could be an asset to the community once rehabilitated.

5. He hailed heroes from the past

The Pope mentioned how important it is to learn from the heroes of the past and to use them as inspiration. He mentioned Martin Luther King, Dorothy Day and Thomas Merton.
6. Mentioned the church’s opposition to abortion.

He was very keen on reiterating the value of human life even before birth. The church has been firm on its stand with opposing abortion ever since.

7. To support family life

The Pope did not actually touch the issue of same-sex marriage but he stated his concern for threats that threaten family life. He mentioned that the threat is something that happens within and surrounding family life.

8. A call to address violence especially on deprived youth

He states that the youth’s problems are also the people’s problems foremost and should be faced head on. It is time to find worthwhile solutions and to take action now.

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