Portrait Drawing 

vs Portrait Photography

Which Would You Prefer?
Painting by an Artist or Photographer?

Photographs and portraits by the artists' brush are two very different things.

Photos tend to capture the immediate idea of a house landscape, doors, windows lighting but leave out a very crucial piece of what something is.

On the other hand, a portrait is not only a detailed description but also a clear interpretation of what something is. In the earlier days, the artist used their eyes to observe, follow the object and use their talents to bring out a clear image of what is on their minds. However, the invention of the camera brought a new era where people only click a button to capture what is in front of their eyes. 

Since most people perceive that photography is a simple art that needs no specialized skills, this is considered as the downfall of portrait painting.

However, recent studies have shown that this is not the case.

photo-henry-fordPhoto Portrait Henry Ford

But now, according to several photographers, every man and his dog are shooting wedding pics, baby pics, portraits etc and classifying themselves as pros. The real professional are getting upsetting ONLY because the standards have dropped out the bottom.

Skilled professional photographers have proven that photography is one of the modern art forms. To have a masterpiece photograph that captures the magical moment the photographer must have a sharp hand-eye coordination and capture the magical moments precisely.

Professional photographers will take into consideration some factors before taking the pictures. These factors may include the light effect and angles to take the photo. It is a fact that photography is not a simple task, as most people think. Have you wondered why there are professional wedding photographers who do an impressive task of capturing magical moments leaving you amazed? Just like an artist who sits down and draws a portrait picture; these photographers are also very talented. 

One big difference between photographs and a portrait is that a photo is taken, with one eye, while painting is done with two eyes. This means that one eye may not perceive the depth or three dimensions the way two eyes can.

Experts argue that a photo inevitably has flatness despite the fact that it has clues to it representing three dimensions. We appreciate the fact that some artists use the portraits to put a detailed picture of what is on their minds. However, the photographers also used their specialized equipment along with creative skills to help them to capture a beautiful picture.

When we compare photography and post modernism portraiture, photography tends to follow along with the current trends especially in the rag trade. This does not necessarily mean that portraits are outdated. In fact modern artists have come up with creative ways that makes their creations look modern.

These individuals are using things like vignette’s around the image, soft focus or glow, combinations of color and black & white within a photo to highlight certain areas. In addition, the improvement of painting tools has played a great role in producing modern portraits.

When we look at both photography and portrait painting we can say that a photograph capture something that actually exist. The photographs can capture actual things such as objects, actors or even background setting. On the other hand, paintings can lack the same function because the painter can only follow the object but cannot exactly capture everything from the object in the painting.

This makes the painting less realistic than the photographs. In the last few years, both photography and portrait paints have evolved. A very good example is the works of Andy Warhol who is a well-known modern purveyor of celebrities in color extraordinaire with his portraits. That is why we can't imagine Marilyn Monroe without picturing an image of Andy himself.

March 2016

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