Really Horrible Drawings

To Make You Cringe or Smile

You see them everywhere these really horrible drawings that make the world a sadder place to be in. People love horrible things in their lives to make them as unhappy as anyone can be.

Horrible paintings can border on crude drawings--it's not the rendition but the overall image that is conveyed to you.

Crude drawings do fit into the poorly drawn categories and some horrible drawings can be executed with skill and pazzaz.

But if you can draw something really evil looking with crude lines and textures, you'll get  a10/10 star rating from me. You can see many of these on Deviant Art website.

I do like to see drawings show skill and dexterity of line. A drawing showing little to nothing in skill level is a waste of time. However, some of them are quite funny if you follow the artists line of thought. 

So for now, I will not post many, if any, crude or childish drawings--and if any are uploaded on this site they land in the "ugly folder." 

What do we find usually in really horrible drawings? Gargoyles, Evil Clowns, Monsters, Dragons, Grandma's Portrait, Vampires, Dracula, Grotesque Heads, painting s like " and many other artists. I will post an image here of the famous "Scream" by Munch. Tell me what you really think of this drawing and why it is so popular?

Left is the famous painting by the Norwegian artist Munch.

The is an agonizing facial expression which does put it into the category of "really horrible drawings" although this is really a painting.

He did variations of this painting but it sure does fit the title of ugly!

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