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Nov 01, 2013
Do Something!
by: Billy Wignall DSO

Great job you did here Seejay, it just might wake up some people - and get their A into G and actually DO SOMETHING about this fraudulent situation.

Nov 28, 2011
I love the painting!
by: Seejay

While I'm not in favor of lynching anyone, I think that painting captures more than just the sentiment of the 99%. In many ways, Magritte managed to get the ideal of the people who aspire to be or are already in the 1%. People will literally die to attain wealth in America. And when you have that as a reality, trying to fight the system that rewards so few on the backs of so many is often fruitless.

Why do I say that? Because the American Dream in many ways is a fallacy. We all think that with a break or two, we can be just like those who live lavishly and can be whatever we want with WEALTH. The majority of Americans believe that wealth is the key to happiness in life. So even those who do not have it want it more than they do not. And once you get locked in to that way of thinking, you will fight against those who think that disagree.

I love those who are out in the Occupy movement. They are basically the unsilent majority right now. It is great that they have been given time and attention. But sadly, I think that it will be a fruitless effort. Because again, the reality in America is this: those who have money move the dial. What I mean is, there can literally be millions of people who are willing to fight financial inequality in our country. But their financial composition will be less than the minute players in the financial sector whose efforts have dictated this unrest in the first place. Money sadly is power. And because America is not set up to be a chaotic land, any ideas of 'revolution' are not realistic.

To break the structure, the Occupy movement would be better suited shining a light on the system itself. The system that shows how much influence lobbyists have on lawmakers. How much influence the wealthy have in the government. The fact that those with wealth have actually helped to cloud the minds of so many in terms of how they view people or politics in this country (I see you Fox News). Until THAT begins to happen, no amount of drum beating, sign waving, and chant shouting will have a tangible effect on this issue.

Nov 27, 2011
What Should be Done
by: Claude Chaet

That is a good idea of boycotting the giant corporations but only if done collectively. There is power in numbers but individuals without numbers is hopeless.

I am on the side of the OWS folk but I'll be darned if I'll camp out in the freezing cold when I have great home comforts.

The OWS-ers must get more organized in my opinion AND the state governors must take a back seat with their henchmen, the police.

It appears the arrogant police are on the side of the corporates, not the people WHO THEY ARE SUPPOSED TO PROTECT! It is a pity they have not worked that out yet.

You OWS people, great work, keep it up, sorry I cannot join you.

And Magritte, you are one of my favorites...

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