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Learning all about rose drawings on this page takes you through four simple steps to create the natural beauty and nuances of a rose.  Remember the song "Where have all the flowers gone" by Pete Seeger? Well, you're going to bring them back here with zest!

We're going to start off with a simple round shape but remember,  it has volume or, in other words "depth" as in 3D.  This is important to keep in mind.  The only way to achieve "depth" in a pencil drawing is to create a light source from one direction only and that would be top left which gives cast shadows on the bottom right.

See last example in the illustrations on the left here?
Most rose species have only five petals although it may appear they have numerous petals. A few species (rose sericea) have only four petals but we need not consider this in our drawing.

You’ll notice that rose drawings are everywhere, illustrated or painted in fabrics, still life paintings, ornaments and even ladies wearing hats I’ve noticed going to church on Sunday.  As we have Valentine’s day coming up, why not start off by drawing a simple rose following these steps?

Draw a roundish shape of any size you think your rose should be. (All this must be done in freehand, no computers please!) If your sketch pad is about 9 inches by 12 inches then try and make your oval about four inches across.

You are going to practice four line drawings starting with a pentagram (five sided drawing) see illustration here; now mark five small spots or lines approximately equal distance apart. Inside this pentagram, draw another pentagram and another inside that until you can't draw another one. Done that?

Next step is to draw freehand petal shapes on top of your lines with a much darker line. You can if you wish put some tracing paper over this pentagram and draw curved petal shapes. Follow along with the illustration here.

Once you have your fourth drawing done you should consider putting in shade to give your rose some depth.

Place your light source in the top left which should fall on the top left part of the rose. It is not unlike the shape of an egg. There is a soft half-shadow for the bulk of the rose, and then the shadows get deeper as the cast shadow falls on the base towards the bottom right.

If your finished rose looks good, take a win!

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Your website is beautiful and exudes with goodness—-here is all the info, free of charge, just go and play with it, free your creativity. It would be the perfect site for our 10 year old, who is a keen (and very good) drawer in the sense that she truly enjoys it and will do it in her free time just for fun.

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