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A rose by any other name still smells as sweet...and is actually not that difficult to draw. Some of the plastic roses are so good and real and fool me sometimes.

Your rose sketch can capture the beauty and delicacy of nature’s finest flower.

People often give roses as gifts to spouses, parents and other loved ones.

They grow them in their gardens and buy roses real and fake to decorate their homes.

Through the years, people have written poems, songs and even fiction stories about roses. So now it is time for you to compose the ultimate rose sketch.

Red RoseRed Roses

Despite the loveliness and complexity of the rose, it’s really not that tough to do rose drawings. It just helps to know your subject, first and foremost; then let your imagination take over, to create the likeness of the ideal floral gem.

The first step to drawing the perfect rose sketch is to find examples of your subject. Is your dad infinitely compassionate enough to buy your mom a bouquet every once in a while? If so, then take good long look at the roses that are likely to fill this lovely floral gift.

Do your parents or grandparents tend a garden, or do you live near a park, greenhouse, or garden club that boasts a good number of rose beds? These are all prime places to see roses in bloom, as are special public events such as home and garden shows, architectural design expos and horticultural shows and competitions. 

Or if you want to save the legwork, you can go online and look at home and garden websites, Google in rose sketch images or search books and magazines for paintings and photographs, capture roses in all their glory.

When it comes time to begin your drawing, know that you have lots of options at hand. Roses come in many varieties, from tiny, delicate tea roses to big and impressive cabbage roses. You can draw a rose in full bloom, with its petals outstretched, or draw a rose with closed petals.

All of these rose varieties are easy to draw. To sketch a rosebud, for instance, you can start with a small, basic oval shape, then draw in the narrow lines that will lend definition to the ‘closed rose.’

To sketch a rose in full bloom, start with the same ovular shape at the center, then surround it with broad strokes that look like triangles on top but that smooth out and join in the ends, somewhat like a clover shape; forming a perfect circle at the bottom. Let your flower literally bloom on your sketchpad.Coloring is also a flexible factor when it comes to sketching a rose. While the classic rose is a rich scarlet red, roses also come in gold, purple, lavender, and other pretty hues.

The rose, in any of its various forms, is the perfect art object and simple to draw. 

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A rose drew with outline only. Easy to color in.A rose drawn with outline only. Easy to color in.