Rough Landscape Charcoal Sketches

by Delene Goodall
(Santa Maria)

Four Mile Canyon

Four Mile Canyon

I'm not the hardy type who can go out and draw or paint in freezing weather. Ok, so I'm a bit of a coward and like to wrap up with skin-tight woollies.

So my rough charcoal and pencil sketches are done in the home studio where it is cozy and warm and the aroma of brewing coffee floats through the air. Now isn't that better than hugging a tree to stop the wind from blowing you over?

To tell the truth, I always carry a digital camera slung over my shoulder. I can shoot from about 50 to around 100 images. Then I select around six for modifying in sketch form, like the sketch you see here.

In the summer months which are short here, I take my sketch book and get the "feel" of how light falls on the mountains, the reflected light as well as the intensity.

So I do not always rely on digital images except the occasional characteristics of trees, rock formations.

There's nothing quite like drawing in the wide open spaces when the weather is kind.

PS: Monet used to wear fingerless gloves when painting outside. He did get frostbite once or twice!

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