Royal Ballet Dancers at Practice

by Carlos Durant

Royal Ballet Dancers

Royal Ballet Dancers

One of my rough ballet dancer sketches in a quick pose near the end of a scene where the hero is dying. (well, it's drama you know!)

The dancers can hold this type of pose for about 10 - 15 minutes but that is the limit. I am pleased I had the opportunity to draw some of these fine dancers.

Sometimes, because of the speed you have to draw, the proportions go a little wild so forgive me for this. I like to get my rough sketches in front of other artists and people in the street to see what reaction I get.

The broad general public are not really into drawings or sketches, they prefer paintings. Well, drawings always precede paintings as you know. To map out a drawings with everything worked out - like a mind map, the painting can usually be successful.

Without a rough sketch the painting can turn into a horrible mess. And so I'd do many sketches first, then mull over it for a few days or week, then do an evaluation and make changes; I think this is the best way to go!

I will be doing more ballet dancer drawings as they are such wonderful people to draw - especially when they almost instantly know what pose will look good.

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