SBI Review Fake Or Fact?

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Let's Choose The Best Road OK?

SBI has been around for awhile and since I signed up with SBI in 2010 to be exact, I have really enjoyed this learning curve as it is easy and FUN! If you want to build a site, this is the way to go with SBI.

That's why I am perplexed with a recent outbreak of negative reviews of SBI. Check the data and therein is the truth and all the facts with fake reviews of SBI. Please check it out.

The Reason?

One of the major ways that people are convinced to join a site-building company is by reading reviews. This method can lead to good news or bad news. Many reviews today are written by paid-for review writers that don't have a clue about your business.

That's right. Check on any 'paid to write' site and you will find orders that need to be filled with positive slants for a particular business and negative slants for another.

Outrageous! Not only outrageous, but also allowed by search engines like Google and Bing and Microsoft.

For example, here at SBI, I began to notice reviews that were spewing negativity about our company, SBI, and pointing potential customers to the "Wealthy Affiliate" website.

There was no truth in their resources. In fact, SBI sites were 33% more likely to have very high traffic success as compared to the Wealthy Affiliate web sites. 

How Could This Be?

87% of the WA websites were virtually invisible, yet 8 out of 10 Google results showed SBI to be inferior to WA. What a slap in the face!

This loophole is quite unfortunate for thousands of potential customers that hope to make a profit from a start-up or existing website. So how does one filter out the truth and make a decision on what to do? 

Follow the facts.

1. There are no easy get rich schemes, silver bullets to receive wealth with a few clicks of instant money programs--that are available from any type of website. If it sounds too good to be true, believe me, it is or everyone would be making millions and sitting on a beach somewhere. 

2. Be careful of slick-talking jargon. A site-building salesperson, hoping for a quick buck, will use terminology of the industry to make you feel inferior. You are not at a dinner party where throwing out a general answer to a not-a-clue question. You are hoping to find a company that will help you step-by-step in building a successful business. Right?

3. If you are a current or past SBI customer, help us spread the truth so you will not get scammed. Write a review from your personal experiences and speak the truth. Maybe if enough satisfied people step up to the plate, we can smash this unethical behavior once and for all.

If you notice, SBI has changed its name from Site Build It to Solo Build It!, but we are still the same genuine online company that showed you the real ins and outs of becoming a great entrepreneur. 

You may have fallen into the fatal site-building trap before coming to SBI, or you may have made the right choice years ago by joining SBI. Whatever your past experience, we need a review from you.

Maybe you have never written a review and don't have a clue how to start. That's okay. We have compiled examples for you to read while asking yourself these questions:

1. What was I doing online before I discovered SBI?
2. What did I Google to find SBI?
3. What did SBI offer that others did not?

Great SBI reviews will help us to keep helping others on their journey to become noticed and self-sufficient, just like you. I like to help others in this crazy world of pretenders and cheats. It is tough out there but truth wins every time!

If you need additional assistance in your review of SBI, I have a little "cheat sheet" that goes into further detail on our success rate, actual ratings and reviews. Just shoot me a quick email in response to this plea and I will be happy to guide you in any way possible. 

Let's get the garbage out and show the world why truth is the only way to a successful future. Determination, hard work and the right knowledge, as taught by SBI, is what I have accomplished with SBI’s support since 2010. Yeah, I'm still here!

 PS: IMO you will not find another focused internet company like SBI, who is ethical, truthful with the best support team bar none

Jonathon Mumford

March 27 2018

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