Sharing My Favorite Drawings on the Site Here

by Karen Van der Sal

bald eagle

bald eagle

Here are some drawings I'd like to share which were taken from this site...there is a wide variety but I can only put four in here. I will ask the webmaster if there is a way I can download more of these drawings.

Some of these old masters are priceless works of art and even some of the contemporary artists are. One of my favorites, Lucian Freud, passed away recently which was a big loss to the world of art. His paintings will obviously go up in prices reaching the millions!

With many artists who can draw well, I find it worthwhile studying in depth the masters like Rembrandt, Raphael, Durer, Da Vinci and others. These masters had such skill to use only one line to express a form whereas the modern day artist would use many and thereby losing their effectiveness.

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