Sketch Book Essentials

by Jollyon Hooley
(Miami FLA)

My Friend Brutus of African Descent

My Friend Brutus of African Descent

Sketch Book Essentials

These are called also; Sketch blocks, Drawing Pads, Drawing Books etc. When selecting your sketchbook, don’t go for the cheapest but choose one that is a comfortable size for you…but not too small.

A favorite choice of min is a ring-bound sketchbook where you can keep all your drawings in one place—and in chronological order. By doing this you can see your progress as you increase your drawing abilities.

When I sketch people sitting on a park bench, they tend to get a bit shy and fidgety so this is where you can select a small sketchbook that is unobtrusive and fits into your pocket. Many people don’t mind you sketching them which is good as they tend to hold their pose making it easier for you
When out in public places I will sometimes take a collapsible easel but the downside to this is the crowd of people gathering around who love to see what you are sketching—and if you are good enough. I have to laugh sometimes as the brave ones on occasions like to give their “critique” and tell you “Wouldn’t it be better if you did this? or “I don’t like it” and other unprintable comments which is common.

So get out your sketchbook and find a suitable place where you can watch people —and sketch them using your 2B pencils.
Suggestion; fill up a page of people—even if they are stick figures, then upload them on this drawing site.

We can then ask for group members' their comments which may help you quite a lot!

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