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Sketch It is a delightful sketching and drawing software program, both very intuitive and user-friendly. Sketch Up was a Google product and is suitable for drawing interiors and architectural drawings.

Both these apps are not suitable for organic/freehand sketching, rather spend you money on a pen tablet, it's far more versatile and user-friendly.

So if you want to sketch something and need a little guidance on technique or where to start try any one of these programs. (No, I'm not getting paid for promoting these.)

Perhaps you want to sketch a cartoon of your friend or to show your children ideas of what dragons or fairies look like? Use the pen tablet,you won't regret it.

Or maybe something you'd like to explain visually to your working partners? Sketching it can make it much easier in communicating your ideas rather than trying to explain verbally and much faster.

As you've no doubt heard many times "A picture (or in this case sketching) can say more than a thousand words."

Skill or dexterity has little to do with it. Now, with this software, anyone can draw a house plan and it can look very professional.

If you are sketching as a hobby or simply pleasure, then you may want to create your sketch more aesthetically.

"Sketch It" can suggest many things from preliminary drawings artists do for later use in their paintings or showing a stranger directions to the opera house.

Whether sketching or drawing—the aim in most cases is communication as a visual drawing can get the idea across immediately.

Taking this further, you can either hit the viewer over the head by stating the obvious (as in poster art) or by creating a little "mystery" by leaving out parts so the viewer can add his or her interpretation (as abstract art sometimes does).

And so sketching and drawing deals with visual things to convey ideas.These ideas can evoke an emotional response from the viewer to a greater or lesser degree (like some professional artists like to do) or it can be just an architectural plan.

Try painting a picture or a novel or a melody—nigh impossible but the urge has always been with creative people to extend the limits of art forms.

Try this neat little Google software package called "Sketch Up" which is free and fun to use and it is very similar to "Sketch-it" insofar you can produce almost an identical sketch using either one. It's mainly used for architectural drawings but there's far more sophisticated drawing software available than either of these packages, the pen tablet is one of them. 

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