Sketches of Koi Fish

Symbolic, Colorful and Popular

In all probability, you may have seen sketches of Koi Fish and paused to admire their striking colors and patterns.

Seen them in the flesh, in spa or resort ponds, or perhaps even had the pleasure of watching them slide around gracefully in backyard ponds.

 As a tattoo motif on an arm, chest or even face! Yes, koi fish are popular and doodling koi fish on paper is more than just an enjoyable activity. 

So what exactly are koi?
Koi are ornamental varieties of fish bred from the German carp and the Asian carp. Their most fascinating feature is color mutation, with koi fish coming in a limitless number of colors and color combinations, right from orange, red and white to coal black, gold and platinum! 

What makes them special?
There is a reason why sketches of koi fish sell like hotcakes. The fish are symbolic of abundance, luck and strength. They can actually swim upstream and up waterfalls even in the toughest conditions!

According to Japanese folklore, if a koi managed to swim up a waterfall on the Yellow River, it would become a dragon – for this reason, koi have come to symbolize spiritual and material advancement.

In fact, koi fish have become symbols of many virtues, from courage and masculinity to family, friendship and love. You won’t have to search long and hard to find koi fish gift baskets, pendants, bracelets and cufflinks. 

Koi drawings – What do you do with them?
For starters, why wouldn’t you want to make colorful koi fish drawings? Your kids will love them and if you plan to add a neat sketch of one or more (well-drawn and painted!) koi fish to your indoor landscape, you’re sure to elicit some oohs and aahs from guests. A koi fish display on your walls can even become a talking point or an ice-breaker at parties. If you’re the adventurous sort planning to get a tattoo that actually means something, putting koi fish on the list next to your girlfriend’s/boyfriend’s name or other popular choices like phoenix, cross, angel or stars, makes sense.

Your quick guide to a simple koi fish drawing

Buying sketches of koi fish online or offline will set you back a couple of dollars. Why download a printable koi fish drawing when you can make one yourself? Here’s how to go about it: 

  • Draw the head first – A circle within a rounded triangle will give you the fish’s head
  • Body silhouette – A long, slim oval body shape extending from the head will give you the fish’s body. Make sure you compress the oval slightly at the end to add a tail
  • The tail- An M-shape over the oval will give you the koi fish’s tail
  • The fins – Draw two semi-circles each on either side of the body, and one near the fish’s head; these are the fins.
  • Add details – Draw whiskers and scales to make your fish come to life.

Colors – what options do you have?

Once your koi fish drawing is ready, fill in the colors of your choice. Some symbolic ones you can use are:

  • White and red, representing career success
  • Completely black or black spots on a white body, representing transformation and change
  • Gold for prosperity and wealth
  • Platinum for business success
  • To represent family, choose pink for girl, flame red for mother, black for father and blue for boy.

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