Sketches of People

by Charles Hattingham
(Seven Oaks UK)

Sketches of People

Sketches of People

If you have a passion for drawing, you should have sketchpads full of sketches of people. All the people around are unique in their own way so you will never run out of ideas.

You'll find fat people, skinny ones, short and tall ones and body builders as in the cartoon on this page -- AND I have discovered most of them love to be sketched. Funny, but sketching them is okay but taking a photograph they kinda do not like sometimes.

I always take a camera with me and shoot any interesting person - sometimes covertly because people change their posture and facial expression when they know they are going to have their picture taken. Have you noticed that?

When capturing people, you have to sketch fast, people never sit still even on the underground trains. So sketching means you have to capture the bare essentials fast!

A few tips when starting to sketch people; half close your eyes so that all detail is blurred out. You have to ignore detail and captured the basic forms. Starting off, just sketch in the head and shoulders with sharp, brisk lines.

Use an HB and a 2B pencil only and keep the point sharp. If you do not like your sketchy drawing move on rapidly to your next victim.

Do not go too large when starting off - sketch a few inches long. Do not worry about getting a likeness. As your drawing skills grow, you will start to be aware of the main features in a person.

If you are serious about being a great artist, join a local art group where they get a model to pose for 30 seconds, then a minute, then five minutes etc up to half an hour. This really helps a lot to get you in tune with your sketching!

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