Sketches of Trees for Beginners

by Marina Kolinski
(Salt Bay, South Africa)



Sketches-of-trees-sycamore sketches-of-trees-birch

Sketches of trees is relatively easy if you take note of the basics as laid out here

As with all your rough sketches at the beginning, you start small in your sketchpad. (yes, get a ring-binder drawing pad so you can see your progression over the weeks and month- so date each page).

Your sketch size should be about two inches by three inches; don't go much larger than that. "Why so small?" you ask. So you can assess your sketches of trees--you'll see why later as you progress as an artist!

We'll now take a typical tree and draw a trunk growing vertically. As shown in these illustrations. Draw a line across the middle which becomes your skyline--and the bottom half, your foreground.

Now draw a think vertical line as the trunk of your tree. Make the tree trunk thicker at the bottom and thinner as it goes towards the top.

Now draw a large V-shape to represent the main branches--and these two branches must also be thicker where it joins the trunk and thinner as it reaches up towards the sky.

See sequential illustrations here.
Side note: Use HB for a rough outline and 2B for heavier lines.

Contributing author: Marina Kolinski

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