Sketches of Trees Stage Two

by Marina Kolinski
(Salt Bay, South Africa)

Sketches of Trees Stage Two

Sketches of Trees Stage Two

If you have been following me on Sketches of Trees, the drawing here will make sense to you. Click on this link to the first page: or paste this in your browser.

We are going to sketch the intermediate tree branches--this was the same as drawing the branches to show how these grow outwards in all directions. Keep it simple as you sketch and draw freehand.

Trees, like other natural plants grow, are symmetrical even though they appear unsymmetrical. As a plant or tree grows, the further they go from the main stem, the more randomness appears.

This next stage, we will be using similar characteristics except they will be smaller--and a little more random.

There is another stage after this where we will be sketching a few leaves AND trees to show you how other branches grow--slightly different from the one image above.

Practice sketching this tree and let me see the result. Click the link below see the stage one Sketching of Trees:

Marina Kolinski
May 2017

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