Sketching and Painting Nature

by Mrs Morrison



You can get some marvellous sketches from Mother Nature whether that be fauna, flora or animals.

Over the years I've created many flowers paintings and kinda "bent" Mother Nature a little which is commonly called "having an artistic license." I do not think is necessary to copy nature exactly but rather make it more interesting by adding or subtracting things to make it simpler—or more complicated.

Nature sketches for me always look more interesting if the colors are changed with lights against darks for more contrast or subtle changes in the hues to make it vibrant.

In the early days of my painting, I used to try and paint every leaf, twig or branch on a tree. Things have changed dramatically since then—now it's reaching for the LARGEST brush and palette knife. It makes the painting simpler and far more effective.

You can notice a beginner by the amount of time he or she takes to finish a particular part—re-working the area over and over until all the life has gone out of it. The colors go dull and muddy and so it gets hidden in the closet for years. Hey, I've been there, done that!

I've looked at some of these old paintings in the closet and said to myself "What was I thinking about when painting this absolute rubbish?!" And of course I've painted over it now and maybe sold it on eBay as a painting I'm proud of!

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Feb 14, 2014
Wonderful Drawing
by: Anonymous

Very good Drawing Mrs Morrison, looks like you have been drawing quite a long time. You have used a full range of values (tones) making quite an impact on the overall effect.

This is the kind of drawing I would purchase - hey, I love animals too!

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