Sketching Creations From Photoshop

by Bella Quentin

Sphere Creation

Sphere Creation

My drawings are taken from creations I've done from Photoshop. There is a lot of scope in P/Shop which seems unlimited when merging or morphing images which I've done with this Sphere.

And the layering technique can blow your mind with the results.

I know it is not good drawing practice to rely too much on computer programs because you can really get hooked on it and your pencil falls by the wayside.

However, what is great about doing sketches like this is one idea starts a chain reaction and many ideas flow from it—it's one of the most creative forms I've found.

I'm now overwhelmed with ideas with more piling up (hey, do you want some?)

Photoshop has filters which can change your styles considerably but they are limited. There are third party filters which do a much better job.

I've been very pleased with some of the sketches and said to myself "That looks exactly like a pencil drawing!" But hey, you can get blinded by using filters. My advice would be to ONLY use pencils and a sketch pad.

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