Sketching For Beginners

by Dreadlocks
(Hanover Square)

Two Seals At Play

Two Seals At Play

I guess we all have to start somewhere at the beginning if we are 'beginners.' Picasso started at the ripe old age of five! Check out his sketches from that early age and notice the rapid change in his creativity.

Picasso was aware of being aware making significant progress in his ability as an artist. Sure, he did get a little push and shove from his artist father. And he was exposed to famous artists of that time - especially the Cubist painters of the day.

"Sketching" is a rather loose term for drawing and both are pretty much the same thing if you check it in the dictionary.

As I mentioned earlier, having an awareness of things around you can help you "see" things that a normal person would miss. Picasso could visualize things in another dimension which inspired so many of his paintings and drawings of female heads. These show a profile sketch half over the head of a full face and blend it in as if part of the same thing. It works well like that!

Start your rough drawings and sketches of people going about their daily activities. Keep them simple and spontaneous. No fiddling with multiple lines where one line is good enough. As always, warm up first with just roughly "shading" the darker things around you.

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