Skull Drawings: Anatomy or Art?

Skull Drawing

Skull drawings always fascinated me. I remember how, as a kid, I used to stand in front of graffiti skulls for hours. Looking at this piece of modern art was awakening something strong and positive deep within me. Graffiti decorations remain even after they have been erased.

White paint stains mark the places where they used to stand. Drawings can sometimes be unique— I might call it a glimpse of art. A glimpse that lasts for years, centuries and sometimes is simply eternal. It takes no more than a pencil and piece of a paper to deliver your eternal message through a skull sketch with your own personal style.

Why Do You Like Skull Drawings? 
Certainly not because of top ranking in Google's keywords. Skulls are something related to death and mortality and sometimes make me wonder who was that person?

Making a pencil drawing of a skull gives another touch other than using different media. Each artistic tool has something special about it. A pencil emanates with simplicity, authenticity when used with skill .

Skulls do reflect fear and mortality but you can take it your own way if you consider a more original explanation. Among all our remains, after our body has been served as maggot fodder for a few years, the skull is the most significant remains. It defies time as much as it defies those with low sketching skills. If you find difficulty drawing your first skull, don’t give up. Taking a beginners’ course on this site or getting the free drawing guide, will make it a lot easier. You just have to put in a little sweat.

Skulls And What They Represent
Skulls symbolism is truly astonishing and encourages us to think. They reflect all the human transience that sometimes we become obsessed. Skulls point us to our mortality and they tend to make us see further than we normally do. They present something mortal yet something so eternal. They are scary yet fascinating when made into beautiful shapes and curves.

How important skulls are, we can see out of ancient drawings found in caves all around the world. Even man, who walked Earth many eons ago, found a particular meaning within skulls. Who knows, maybe somebody will one day wear a tattoo with a skull pattern that you drew! World around us is full of inspiration. You just need to look at the most unusual places where the most fascinating inspiration is hidden and skulls have a myriad of shapes and curves depending on your viewpoint!

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