Skyscraper Drawings

Are a Real Hoot to Draw and Paint

The first thing that comes to mind with skyscraper drawings is the Big Apple aka NYC.

These collections of scraping the sky are simple enough to draw, BUT, like anything you want to draw is easy when you know how.

When drawing skyscrapers, you have to take a particular note of a single point perspective view to start off with. A single point is where everything in the distance at your eye level disappears on the horizon line. If you use more than one point perspective it can start to get quite complex.

view of NYC across the Hudson RiverNew York City Across from the Hudson River

I've created dozens of NYC paintings, some looking down Fifth Avenue, some looking across the Hudson River, and many made up from my imagination which is so easy when you've created 50 or more cityscapes.

I love the palette knife technique when painting cityscapes; the finished paintings lends itself to the knife with broad, often vertical slashes as paint splurges on the canvas! They've always looked okay and they always sell well.

My advice is to take your digital camera along with you as the sidewalks in NYC can be horrendous with all the pedestrians scrambling hither and thither seemingly everywhere. Also take a small tripod to get "movement" against the stillness of the buildings.

Shoot images that hold your interest but not those overdone boring view looking down the street where everything diverts to the vanishing point. It's been overdone to hell.

Of course, the further you look down the street, the softer your values and colors will be as they blend in at almost the vanishing point. The sharper and more colorful images are people, taxis and street vendors - up close and too personal!

Skyscraper drawings are really fun to paint (but not on the sidewalks of NYC) and you'll alway be able to sell you skyscraper drawings and painting if you get your colors and values correct. And that aint hard!

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