So How Do You Market Your Artwork Online?

by Jon Saqarra
(Ft Hudson)

You will find plenty of useful ways to market you artwork online from Cory Hoff who specializes in helping artists to sell their Art.

His site is here where you will get plenty of ideas where you can start selling your art—or any other artists’ art.

Here is Cory’s schedule for this year;
2016 The Abundant Artist HTSYAO schedule

There will be a certain amount of flexibility in this course as we go along, but this is the general syllabus.

Week 1
Day 1: Module 1 – Welcome & walk through of the course outline. What you actually need in order to sell art online.

Day 2: Module 2 – An overview of how artists document their process when creating their art – images, video and journaling. This forms the foundation for creating marketing materials about your work.

Day 4: Module 3 – discovering what makes you unique

Week 2
Day 8: Module 4 – How to tell good stories about you, the artist
Day 11: Module 5 – More on good story telling, for your art

Week 3
Day 15: Module 6 – How to ensure that your website will support your sales
Day 16: Module 7 – How to research the right influencers for your work
Day 18: Module 8 – How to build buzz and get people to share your work online
Week 4
Day 22: Module 9 – Blogging for art collectors instead of other artists
Day 24: Module 10 – Creating immersive experiences online for your collectors. Case studies from artists.

Week 5
Day 29: Module 11 – Effective Email Marketing Part 1
Day 31: Module 12 – Effective Email Marketing Part 2
Week 6:
Day 36: Module 13 – Email conditioning sequences for your collectors
Day 39: Module 14 – Search Engine Optimization for Artists
Week 7:
Day 43: Module 15 - Website Analytics
Day 44: Module 16 – Promotion principles & building press/high value relationships
Day 47: Module 17 – Social Media Principles

Week 8:
Day 50: Module 18 – Social Media – Facebook
Day 53: Module 19 – Social Media – Instagram, Tumblr
Day 54: Wrap-up, set goals

Private Discussion Group

All students will also have access to a private Facebook group for student interaction and for asking questions outside of the live Q&A sessions.

Weekly Q&A calls
Each week on Monday there will be a live conference call for those who sign up for it. You can submit questions in advance and we will record that call for later listening.

One-on-One time

Everyone that signed up for one-on-one time can schedule that one-on-one time at their convenience. You’ll be sent a scheduling link once you sign up.

If you're not signed up for the course yet, you can sign up here.

Any questions? Let me know.

Cory Huff

You can write directly to Cory with any questions on his website above.

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