So What is Stopping You From Becoming a Professional Artist?

by Jollyon Hooley



You may have thought about this several times.

If it is in years with toying with this idea -- especially when negative thoughts keep popping in your head, and they are persistent and will not go away. You kinda give up.

But it is always there in the corners of your mind, hidden away somewhere in the back of your mind. Maybe it is really not what you want to do? You have no passion for drawing as it never turns out the way you want it.

You have not got the time to practice with your pencil drawings or maybe it is simply things that go blank in your mind as you reach for your pencil box?

Of course, you have been discouraged by your friends and family who may have told you "You'll never be any good" or "That looks stupid!" or some other inane remark.

One thing about professional artist's, they have a passion for what they do in ALL the arts (drawing, painting, writing, sketching, animation etc. and a thousand other crafts).

Maybe you just paint or draw as a hobby? Well, that's okay too. But when you start selling your work, that gives you a tremendous kick and you just love to draw and paint.

So what is the answer? Write to me here on this site; Jollyon Hooley on the contact page here - and I will get back to you within 24 hours, including weekends.

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