Some Famous Artists Talking About Color and Their Work

by Jolyon Hooley
(San Bernardino FLA )

Virgin of the Rocks  by Leonardo da Vinci

Virgin of the Rocks by Leonardo da Vinci

Way back over 500 years ago, there were two brother artists; They were Hubert andJan van Eyck. They began their artwork around locally chosen colors.

These colors although bright and dull created realistic images closely related to Mother Nature. Color became a way of characterizing nature as you will note when you see their paintings. Although brothers, their paintings were vastly different.

Also look at Francesca (1492 painted people in sharp outline and clearly expressive areas while balancing complementary colors. This was something quite different and creative for that period.

Now Leonardo rejected strong colors. He painted in infinite gradations of graduating tones not harsh outlines at all. See his painting "Virgin of the Rocks" painted in two principle tones.

Titian, in his early work created homogenous color areas against each other in isolation. Later he played around with cool and harsh colors, light and dark, dull and intense. These guys knew what they were doing - that's why their art lives on forever.

We can chat about these famous old masters and learn much especially if we choose to make art a career! I will be writing more about famous artists and their use of color.

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