Still Have a Drawing Problem?

by Kiva de Loit

Abstract Collage

Abstract Collage

I did shoot an email to you last week about some of the problems you have with your drawings.

This is another one that popped up from a student:

Question: "What advice would you say to a smart college guy who loves drawing comics and illustrations who wants to pursue a career in art and drawing?"

What would YOUR answer be?

"And what advice would you ignore?"

Interesting questions and I'd love to hear your answers.

This was another question: "I love art paper so what type of markers should I use with the variety of papers available?

Well, Phylis, I'd jump right into creating a collage with the vast variety of colored-textured art paper. You will find a big number of artists using collage to illustrate children's books!

A collage is the gluing together of a big variety of materials, not just paper but anything. See Eric Carle with his "The Hungry Caterpillar" Wonderful drawings!

Go to Google's Search box for images and type "collage." That will give you some great ideas on wonderful art!

Jollyon Hooly
January 2018

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