Struggling With Your Abstract Paintings?

by Marius Naude
(Bloomingdale MA)

Abstract Art Today

Abstract Art Today

Abstract paintings, to be effective, it is best to show the viewer there is something there they can relate to. It could be the color combinations or a color that is crude and does not really fit in with the existing colors.

It could be the shape of various forms that 'crash' into other forms. So there are many things that could switch on or off the viewer. One of the worst things is to have so many things going on - can be a complete "switch off". You have to have a few plain or soothing areas to give contrast - this can work quite well.

Bold strokes versus thing strokes, curvy strokes versus a straight line. The combinations are endless...

The way to start abstract paintings is to draw shapes with your brush that you like, created from your imagination. Do this all in grays so you are not influenced by colors. once you have some forms in place, start with increasing or softening edges of your shapes. Vary the contrast with not too much repetition.

Now look at your grayscale painting from across the room (or your studio if you have one) then half close your eyes (squint in other words). This is where you can strengthen or weaken parts that will improve the overall painting.

Now you can start applying color. I will continue this in another lesson. If you have any questions please shoot an email thru to me on the contact page here.

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