Take Your Skills To The Next Level! How?

by Jonathon
(The Rockies CO)

Elephant in Natural Habitat

Elephant in Natural Habitat

How, you may ask?

There are several paths you can take and, as long as you practice drawing on an easy gradient, you can become a professional artist.

The scope in nearly all the art genres is fantastic (genres such as pencil drawing, sketching, oil or acrylic painting, animation (small animated cartoons), packaging design, advertising, photography, logo design, stage design, murals, faux painting, decorative wall art, textile design, wallpaper design, fashion, digital art, portrait painting, and about a thousand other ways.

So what is the first step in any of these genres? Your drawing skills should be priority number one.

Practice daily with your pencil on quality paper and draw or sketch anything no matter how difficult it seems.

The most difficult subject to draw is the human figure and that will take the longest time to master. You have to know what lies beneath the flesh and bones—and that includes an in-depth study of human anatomy.

So where should you start? Simple forms initially which will hone your observational skills.

Notice proportions, the perspective and recession of space, notice negative shapes which will give your drawings a realistic accuracy you’ve never mastered before.

You will become a first degree master of the pencil if you are really passionate about any form of drawing or painting.

So find your passion first. Decide on what would be a good schedule to start your daily practice, start small, say about 15 – 30 minutes, then increase the amount of time up to about an hour. Do that, and you’ll win and have a great time getting there!

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