Tattoo Drawings– A Form of Self-Expression

by Michael lynch

Tattoo Drawing

Tattoo Drawing

Tattoos had been in existence for centuries and across different cultures. Today, they are considered art forms and are widely accepted as a form of self-expression.

Awesome tattoo drawings and designs have gained a mainstream status, providing a living for tattoo artists who are up-and-coming.

With emerging technologies, what used to be poorly-designed tattoos are now art forms that are very sophisticated. In the past, the designs were just poorly-drawn stencil, mostly etched on a sailor’s arm.

Now, tattoo artists have leveled up their game by making photorealistic tattoo designs!

There are a number of awesome tattoo drawings to choose from, and these include classic image designs and new-age trend drawings.

American Traditional Tattoos by Sailor Jerry

Norman Keith Collins used to be a sailor who was considered one of the forefathers of modern tattoo. He was nicknamed Sailor Jerry.

The aptly called “American Traditional” can be considered his legacy. It was his style of tattooing.

Tattoo designs and drawings that fall into the “American Traditional” category include swallows, snakes, the dice, and of course, anchors and nautical stars.

The designs and drawings are mostly characterized by bright colors and bold lines. The set of imagery is pretty distinguishable.

If you’re a budding tattoo artist, the use of Sailor Jerry’s tattoo designs is a good way to start your tattooing career.

You can then eventually create your own awesome tattoo drawings. Keeping the lines crisp and simple without being a minimalist is one of the keys to becoming successful.

Do you have Script Tattoos?

If you love awesome tattoo drawings, you probably have seen script tattoos or have one yourself.

You know that when we say script tattoo, we mean it literally--like a script--because they consist of super beautiful pieces of writing.

If you want to commemorate a loved one to still feel close to them every day, you can get a script tattoo. If you have a favorite poem or verse that you really like, then it can be linked to you in the form of a script tattoo.

Getting a script tattoo is also a way to display a religious verse that is close to your heart.

Script tattoos have gained extreme popularity among tattoo clients. For them, these designs are extremely difficult because they are highly detailed. The spelling should be correct and tattoo artists cannot miss a single line. It is because any deviation from the stencil can totally mess up the design.

You can start to practice creating script tattoo drawings and designs.

You can start with design templates for an alphabet of the original script letters. With script, you will usually observe a lot of interconnecting lines and curlicues flowing.

This is what makes script tattoos gorgeous and at the same time tricky.

Awesome Photorealistic Tattoos

Kat Von D is one of the famous tattoo artists known for doing photorealistic portrait tattoos. With the help of modern technology and tattoo pigment formulas, Kat Von D, along with other photorealistic portrait tattoo artists, are able to create bolder tattoo designs.

Designing photorealistic portrait tattoos needs the meticulous outlining of the facial features. Tattoo artists have a guide when they sketch and create the tattoo.

In contrast, the American Traditional designs by Sailor Jerry have a pretty straightforward outline.

Photorealistic portrait tattoos are really awesome because they do not only show the main features of the face but they also detail the shadows and contours.

Tattoos - Finally an Art Form

There has been quite a resistance from the mainstream art community for tattoos to be considered an “art.”

Back in the day, tattoo designs like those during Sailor Jerry’s time were pretty basic and simple. Today, it is an art form that helps tattoo clients express themselves.

Let me ask you: Do you like to see tattoos displayed on the human form? Let's have your comments please!

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