The Basic Drawing Guide For Beginners

by Jeremy Faith

Puppy Dog

Puppy Dog

Improve Your drawing skills To Become a Professional!

I've heard often that great achievements begin with lots of practice and small beginnings.

A Champion baseball player was, at one time or another, was once a focused aspirant who trained regularly. Picasso who was still in diapers when his career took off started drawing on walls and the sidewalks. Sure, he had an art teacher who was his father!

A good place to start eh?

Even most great masterpieces of art started as a simple sketch or an idea in your mind and just knew all the basic elements of drawing.

To become famous as a great artist, you must not only know what these basics are but also be practicing them and by using your tools the correct way.

Constant Practice is not enough, you have to live and breathe art, dream about it, talk about it, join groups and get inspired by what other artists are doing.

If you have no understanding of the basics and improperly using them, will just worsen your skills. Sooner or later, you'll realize that you've acquired bad drawing habits that will be too hard to break.

If you're just beginning your career as an artist, make sure you know and understand the concepts of these fundamentals.

You essentially draw every basic element - and there are hundreds - until you're able to create a complex, realistic figure AND something surrealistic like Salvador Dali, you're over on the winning side.

There are many contemporary artists making a serious living from their drawings. You can be one of them, write to me here and I'll respond within 24 hours and give you tips and tricks to guide you through this artistic map.

Jeremy Faith

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