The Demonization

by Kruthika Chidambaranathan
(Tamil Nadu)

The Demonization

The Demonization


Demonization is the most contagious topic in our Nation India.

So my aim is to project the advantages and the disadvantages of demonization in my cartoon painting.

Our nation's Prime Minister Mr.Narendr Modi is the central main apostle of my painting.

He took this bold decision of clearing the corruption which was through the black money.

So I salute him for his courageous move.

He burns the 500 and 1000 rupee notes in his hands which makes the whole
parliament house become white washed and our emblem of ferocious lions becoming
proud by laughing with pride.

Underneath lies the river full of devalued notes, thrown by the people out of distress.

On my left are the greatest disadvantages like people standing in long queues
and a woman crying out of tiredness and pain with a scooter and a helmet in her hand.

Above this is the time becoming more favorable to the coins.The coins have become
more valuable than the notes. So the coins are happy to walk everywhere.

Then comes the piggy banks.The piggy banks are the collector of the coins so they need
to be dripped with more coins to deposit in the banks.

Coming to my right side, you'll find an RBI Officer, though rich but still
with lots of pressure induced by the government to create more notes.

Then the vegetable vendor staying sick and poor with lots of worries not able to do his business well.

Then in the shops, the shopkeeper refuses to receive the devalued notes from the customer and the 1000 rupee note getting a check up from a doctor humorously.

Beneath is the toll-free roads in India, without any traffic.

The last one being the tourism getting affected the tourists not being able to use certain
denominations due to demonisation.

Thank You,
Kruthika Chidambaranathan

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