The Elements of Design

by Lisa Vetrone

The Adoration

The Adoration

You know of course the word "artist" is used both in "as a painter or in our case "someone who draws" and also "as a public performer" used to designate skilled performances in a wide diversity of actions.

Example; a footballer may be described as an artist with a soccer artist can be one who manipulates raw materials such as clay, wire, pigment...and transforms them into a cohesive product.

When looking at it from this point of view, art has a rather broad connotation. Here we'll always focus on the truly visual arts as in drawing and sketching and embracing "oil painting"

A poster consists of a thin veneer of inks bonded to a lightweight paper which is essentially 2D.

It should be made clear that "design" and the public good may not be in alignment. The process of design is pragmatic in a way as methods of achieving a pre-conceived end. Sometimes this can be harmful as in some harmful practices such as tattooing.

Designing involves working both in 2D and 3D but our principle concern here will be with 2D as that is what is most commonly used. A designer may become aware of no space when there is too little of it, when there is too much of it or when he is not aware that something is not quite right.

As a designer will know, to design well anything, you must be able to create you own space as needed especially if involved in designing 3D forms. What comes to mind currently is printing anything in three dimensions; from cars, body parts, nature and anything you can see or feel in 3D.

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