The Elements of Drawing -- Contributed by Jollion Hooley

by Jollion Hooley

Many people have tried to draw a scene at one point in their life and many have thrown in the towel when the drawing looked nothing like what they envisioned!

You see pictures and drawings all around you - in your office, your home etc. Maybe some of these are drawn by a family member. Now a vast majority of the artworks could be improved dramatically IF SOME OF THE BASICS SKILLS OF DRAWING WHERE KNOWN AND APPLIED!

As you know, all drawings are done line-by-line and paintings stroke brush-by-stroke brush. If the scene you are drawings is real and in front of you, therein lies the difficulty of transferring the 3D scene to a very flat surface (your drawing paper) with lines. Easy? Nah!

Should everything be included that you see in your landscape?

No! Be very selective.

There are some ancient fundamentals which have evolved over a millennium or two. A few 'old masters' have written about them but most have shown them in their work.

If you are just starting out, copy some of these pen and ink studies, you will learn more than attending an art college!

Thanks, for reading.Jollion Hooley

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Nov 05, 2015
Element of Drawingg
by: Budda

Your words are simply but true. I have been doodling for years with drawing and after all these years. Your advise is correct. The simply things that come across and capture our eyes. I tried for years to emulate but always fell short and now is when I have learned the master's teachings. Thank you

Nov 01, 2015

by: Jon

Thanks Jollion, Nicely written and easy to understand.

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