The Future of Futurism

by Marchelli

Gino Severini was the creator of "Futurism" or perhaps the driving force. Duchamp was also well-known for his futuristic style.

Futurism art forms are recognised by the divisions of the forms as seen from different viewpoints which are related to form the entire painting. It is a little like a jig-saw painting with all parts connecting.

One of the first references to this art form was in a Paris newspaper Le Figaro in 1909. The Italian poet Marinetti coined "Futurist Manifesto" in the newspaper and so this "movement" is attributed now to an Italian form of art.

This is silly really as each individual artist would surely have his own ideas on what future art is from one year to the next as he or she would be creating in their own future.

Marinetti wrote "We will glorify war, the only hygiene of the world - militarism, patriotism, the destructive gestures of anarchists , the great concepts of which men die, contempt of women!"

This attracted fanatical adherents and succeeded an attack on accepted standards. This lead eventually to the death of futurism.

Futurism art was created by Boccioni, Duchamp, Balla, Gino Severini and Russolo to give you an idea of this form of art.

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