The Great Medium of Drawing With Ink

by Angela Debrovnic
(Dominican Republic)

Owl Sleeping

Owl Sleeping

This is a medium where you HAVE to use bold lines while working directly—there's no rubbing out!

Using only a few simple lines to sketch in your local church, can look dramatic with the vast number of techniques you can use—from simple lines to varieties of cross-hatching.

The beauty of ink drawing is being able to develop your own unique style. With your rich black lines you can then add your brush to compliment your lines. This will eventually become as easy as your own handwriting.

The way forward is to practice many techniques from vertical lines spaced evenly apart, to horizontal line then cross both your verticals with the horizontals.

Then practice with wavy lines, bold and thin, then thick lines fading into very thin ones. There is absolutely no limitation. Most of these can be created on a computer but best results are always handmade.

This is my contribution to I hope you find it useful.

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