The Mother and Child by Varma

by Somana

Mother and Child

Mother and Child

The best painting I have ever seen is the "Mother And Child" by the famous painter, Raja Ravi Varma.

Speaking about the painter, he is an Indian who made a number of excellent samples of peer workmanship. He was born in 1876, an went missing in 1912.

After that, there is no information about him. It is very difficult to describe the beauty of the painting in words.

Is about an Indian lady, along with her child, waiting for her husband to come. The picture is drawn with such an accuracy that, even a minor emotion in lady's face is sown beautifully.

In this beautiful picture, the lady dressed in traditional Kerala style, is holding the child. The painting shows the affection of mother to her child.

The special thing I noticed about the work is that, even while drawing the complicated parts such as the lady's emotions, the painter gives equal importance to all other features such as the child and surroundings.

The artist's different perspective and expert ability to handle oil paints is visible in the drawing.He was the first one ever, to use human models to draw Indian Goddesses.

He has drawn each and every point in the artwork, with the same care and strain, which is impossible to any contemporary artist, for sure. I had seen the painting in an art exhibition, nearly 7 years ago.

Still, it remains in my heart, without any change. I am sure that the painting is my all time favorite. Even for the critics, the painting kept them quite for a long time, as each Varma picture would do.

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