The Mountain Man

by Simon Wheeler

The Mountain Man

The Mountain Man

Here is a quick sketch of a mountain man. As you see, these mountain folk are very different from the "flatlanders" (people who live in the flatlands and not the mountains).

Most of these mountain folk live without a care in the world. That of course means they dress any old way without worrying if they look alright, if every hair is in place - things like that. The mountain Man does not give a hoot if they have egg stains on their well-worn coat, or if part of the egg has missed and has stuck to their beard.

It is good to not give a hoot about what people think of them BUT they are wonderful people, they'd help out in a flash if anyone was in need.

That's one of the reasons I decided to live in the mountains. There's only one problem living up at this high altitude. The weather. Winter is severe but that is okay if you are wrapped up in a sheepskin coat and have thermal underwear. I've survived these below freezing days and nights and sometimes it is refreshing. Why? Because there is no pollution here at is an environment unspoilt and ideal for all the wildlife we get here.

So take a break sometime and come up here and take a deep breath of pure oxygen. You will feel quite refreshed!

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Sep 08, 2017
by: Dalton Phillips

I like your drawings. Oh - how great it would be to live out in the wilderness again. My current wife did it for a couple of years when we were all younger while she was married to someone else. They were way up in Minnesota, almost to Canada. She is always talking about it.


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