The Problems in Drawing and What to Do

by Jeremy Thurlow
(Tonga, Namibia)

Raphael Drawing

Raphael Drawing

There are always what you might call certain "problems" in drawing from either the wrong choice of media, perspectives out of whack (drawing does not look quite right) restating drawing lines where the artwork becomes messy or the drawing is very "tight" and does not flow or state the form well.

The first lesson I tell students is there is no set formula for drawing, no rules etc. so there is a lot of freedom to express yourself. That does not mean attack the paper with charcoal in gay abandon but have a plan in place as exactly what you want to achieve.

One way I have found useful for me is to mock up in your “minds eye” what your completed drawing should look like – is it going to be high key (a light drawing) or a low key (darkish drawing), will you leave lots of space around parts of your drawing, or should you leave small spaces to enhance parts.

You need to get to know the various ways you can lead your visitor’s eye into the artwork to finally rest on the main focal point. Do you know how to do this?

Yes, it is important if you want your drawing to be accepted as good or great and even saleable. Without some of these basics in place it will be just “another drawing” instead of inspiring other artists of your creativeness.

Thanks For reading - And watch out for more tips on drawing and sketching!

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