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The Red Dragon Breathing FireThe Red Dragon Breathing Fire

Dragons are magical creatures. Fire and water come together to create this magnificent beast of pure awesomeness. What’s more, it can even fly, thanks to its huge wingspan. This is why they are easy to draw -- with all the features they posses.

They are such a paradox because they thrive in water but breathe fire. Dragons are related to snakes, and have a similar kind of skin. They have a really powerful jaw, long claws on all four feet, a heavy tail, spikes on the back, and the characteristic two whiskers on either side of their mouth. The fire breathing mouth also has sharp white teeth, which are quite difficult to miss.

In many ways, Dragons are similar to dinosaurs, so if you are good at drawing dinosaurs, drawing the friendly dragon will be a breeze.

Despite their infamy, dragons are not vicious, violent creatures that they are portrayed to be sometimes. In fact, they are peaceful souls who do not bother with the workings of the world, outside their caves.

Dragon Art in bright colorDragon Art in bright colors breathing fire

Just like Toothless, remember him? He is a pretty accurate representation of dragons! He is calm on regular days. Let rough days dawn and he will be strong and powerful, using his black wings for protection.

Remember Timberjack and Stormfly? (in how to train your dragon) Some of them can be friendly like that. A happy dragon can be seen in the sky, with its large wings flapping away, playing and enjoying a beautiful day.

They are agile, take sharp turns, and are formidable fliers. But, that does not mean that they do not have any strength to them. When it comes to it, a Nightfury can take on a whole village or a town down.

Colorful Dragon Head Showing Sharp TeethColorful Dragon Head Showing Sharp Teeth

Dragons like their alone time. They live alone in caves, where they spend most of their days. So, there is no real reason for them to stress out. They do not like much company, but they do like having one companion with them.

So, they do fall in love and remain with one partner for all their lives. They actually lay eggs, and are very protective of their nests.

Though calm for the most part, they can turn real nasty very quickly if they sense any danger to their nests. Their agility and power to spew fire makes it difficult to bring them back in control.

So, don’t anger a dragon ever. That’s a life lesson right there!

 But, as soon as they calm down, they are back to their playful self. When they are not flaring fire, they are flying, playing with small rocks, or their little ones.


Oh yeah, I forgot to mention. They do love their bling. So, it will not be a surprise if you enter the lair of a dragon and find a hidden treasure. But, it would be at best foolish to attempt something this dangerous just to get a little gold.

When it comes to their interaction with humanoids, they are only as good as any wild animal. They do not like to get too close and neither should we try to enter their den. If you are at the receiving end of their fury, you really do not have anywhere to run.

They are not scared of fire like other wild animals for obvious reasons. They are huge, so making a run for it would not make any difference. And most importantly, where will you run? They can follow you on land, water and even the skies.

So, while these mystical beings are beautiful, only a few humans are worthy enough to enjoy their company.

Dragon-Art-headinPrimary-colorsDragon-Art-head in Primary colors

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