The Wonderful Art of Jan Vermeer

by Jon Saqarra


Vermeer's "Yellow Turban"

Vermeer was one of the great Dutch artists and admiration extended far beyond the middle-class city of Delft. When he died in 1675 his fame really died with him probably due to living in that sleepy town of Delft.

Delft at that time had an army of artists all scrambling to get noticed - pity the internet was not around at that time.

You probably recall his most famous work was "The Yellow Turban" which now hangs in The Hague, in Holland. This is an exquisitely masterful work of art in every detail - so if you are in Holland swing by and check it out!

Poor old Vermeer died in poverty and was known as "a minor Dutch artist and it wasn't until two centuries later when a French art critic and reversed Vermeer's fate as an unknown to creep out of undeserved obscurity to almost stardom.

As you know, his paintings, when listed on Sotheby's, can fetch millions of dollars!

He is worth studying if only for his mastery of simplified statements of truth and by suggesting space by means of light and color.

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