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There are countless things to draw if you are in the right mindset, but all of us – yes, even us "art professionals" run into artists block from time to time. I find it happens most frequently when I am trying to come up with a subject for that next "great masterpiece."

But drawing pencil sketches is really all about loosening up and not worrying about creating a work of genius to rival Picasso’s drawings or Leonardo da Vinci’s sketches.

Let your mind be free. When creating art sketches, the subject can be whatever happens to be in front of you. It doesn’t have to be a perfectly composed still life or a posed drawing model. When learning how to draw, often the most interesting sketches will be spontaneous drawings of your children playing, your dog napping, or your hand as it naturally sits on your desk.

Inspiration is all around you.

If you really want to learn how to draw people, spend some time observing people in various everyday situations. For example, go to the mall and sit in the food court or go to a park and sit on a bench, quietly observing. Notice how individuals carry themselves, notice their gait, the way their limbs bend or sway. Create quick sketches (30-90 seconds), not focusing on minute details, but instead capturing general features that make each individual unique.

You can also get an anatomy book or view anatomy sites online so that you understand how the human body, particularly the skeletal and muscular systems work and relate to each other. Become familiar with the shape and location of each major muscle so that you can create more realistic drawings.

If you want to learn how to draw landscapes or nature sketches, get out into nature. Take the time to really look closely at the intricacies of a flower. Make a pencil drawing of a rose.

Observe different trees and notice how their trunks and limbs twist and bend. How does the bark feel to the touch? Tree drawings can be the most beautiful sketches. You can also go on a hike and observe how the mountains and the trees in the distance relate to the objects you see in the foreground. Practice your perspective drawing.

Similarly, if you want to learn how to draw animals, go where the animals are. If you have a pet for a drawing subject, that’s a great start. But if you don’t, you can visit your local dog park, animal shelter, zoo, pet store, groomer, or farm.

If you cannot get out and observe your favorite things to draw where they are, find a photo to sketch! If you don’t have a photo in your personal collection that you’d like to draw, the internet is a virtual treasure trove of interesting photography. With Google Images, you can find photos on almost ANY subject you’d like to draw.

With a little shift in your mindset, you’ll see that there are things to draw all around you. With a little practice and patience, you’ll find that drawing the seemingly simplest, mundane things (like your thumb or a worn out old boot) can be the most challenging and rewarding.

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