Those Really Large Canvases Can Give You a Headache!

by Dene Delgado

Abstract Des Moine

Abstract Des Moine

You have this large canvas - say 36 inches x 48 inches - now that is LARGE right? Looking at that white canvas across the room, what feelings and thoughts go through your mind?

Do you get overwhelmed by the sheer size? Maybe it is too daunting to apply paint on that pristine canvas? I know I would be quite scared and maybe this is, in a way, a fear of failure, a failure that you'll make a mess of it. Ever had those thoughts?

When I get to that stage I get our my white acrylic thickener which builds up layers of texture to make the painting look like it has inches of thick paint when it is finished. This exercise may take several days as I apply one coat (that's already dried) on top of another.

If you place a side light on this thick coat of acrylic paint, it will look a bit like a mountain range like the one we have here in Colorado!

This where you can start to pick up some great ideas for your painting. If you do not like your painting you can always go over it again with your thickener!

This style of building up thick layers of acrylics lends itself to broad abstract paintings like those of Jackson Pollock, Stella, De Staal and others - and it is fun to do as you never know how it is going to turn out!

My biggest problem, when I've completed a large canvas, is how the hell am I going to get this in my car for shipment?! Hey, I usually sort that out by the end of the day!

Dene Delgado

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Jul 16, 2017
Yes, I agree with your comments.
by: JM

Thanks for that, Dene. Yes, I've had the problem with shipping large paintings across the continent here!

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