Those Wonderful Valentine Cards!

by Gary Corbett
(Grade 10)

My Valentine Card To My Sweetheart

My Valentine Card To My Sweetheart

You've probably spoken at length to your buddies about this wonderful girl you have met and they do not want to hear any more about it. It's become boring stuff to listen to.

So you start dreaming of all those great things you are going to do together and at the same time you start doodling on a piece of paper, heart shapes. Gosh, that doesn't look like a heart shape!

Your thoughts wander about this dazzling hot girl and what would be something really original to give her on Valentine's day. Does she have a sense of humor? "I guess I could send her a flirty card with just a hint of who it may be from?" Yeah, you think, if she is really gorgeous you should spell it out in the card.

What do you think could be original? Something with a little magic and mystery might do the trick, me thinks.

Next thing you find yourself in Wal-Mart looking at Hallmark cards, price tags seem to be cheap but will she notice? Nah, you can't purchase a card unless it is delightfully witty, looks classy and has the right message and you won't find it in this store. Not easy to find my friend unless you wander down an upmarket mall.

Yep, you got it: a Barnes & Noble store, they'll definitely have what you want. Browsing through the racks, you find a risqué card which is cheeky and witty and you think this is the card for her. Sure to love it – and maybe me also? Well maybe, but she will be putty in your hands when she finds out it's from you!

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