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Rough Sketch of tiger drawn in pencilRough Sketch of tiger drawn in pencil

Animals make great subjects to practice your art skills, and tiger drawings are the cream of the crop. Your first decision to make is to decide if your tiger sketch is going to be a cartoon version or the real deal from the jungle. Cats, large or small, are very similar although not in size. My suggestion is—if you are serious about creating great drawings—is to start out by drawing the domestic car first, it is easier: Go here to learn how to draw a cat.

Starting from nothing, the fast track from zero to hero is to create an animated version of a tiger to get the basic configuration down and feel comfortable with the striping. From Tigger to Tony the Tiger, cartoon tigers rock and are a lot of fun to draw.

Beastly Bulk
Tigers rarely miss a meal and are usually a big, hulking strap of a cat. Be sure to draw chunky legs, a wide neck and face that is as broad as the shoulders. Your tiger drawing needs extra large sized paws to support his weight and the tail is sturdy and solid to fit his form. Tigers are meaty and muscular felines as compared to a light and graceful house cat, so do add some brawn to separate him from a domestic Tabby.

How to draw a tiger face depends on what kind of a mood the artist is in. If you prefer a happy cartoon figure, then follow the Disney tradition with large expressive eyes that dominate the features on his face. Instead of finely detailing whiskers, you may opt for the whisker effect by giving your tiger a few small dimples or circles where the whiskers would grow from to create the illusion of whiskers without adding too many lines to his face. When working with cartoon figures, less is best and keep it simple for maximum results.

Your tiger drawing must have stripes, but don't worry about precision when it comes time to fill in the details. A natural tiger in the wild has his or her own unique identity with their stripes, and no two tiger stripe patterns are ever alike. So is the case with your tiger on the drawing board.

Your black striping may be slightly tinted, uneven in thickness, varied lengths and reversed angles to come out just right. When you begin to make your tiger striping, it may seem to be awkward and uneven, however, when you have drawn the last stripe and step back to critique, they will have blend beautifully together

Bengal Tiger From India

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