Top Most Influential Visual Artists?

by Jollyon Hooley

Leonardo da Vinci

Leonardo da Vinci

For me—and it is debatable—that Pablo Picasso is number one by far. See his sphere of influence on all of the most well-known modern and contemporary artists. His influence in style goes far and wide not only in cubism but also music.

He opened many doors for other visual artists; he got them to look at abstract art in new ways. I’ve read of rave reports how his fellow artists had major cognitions about their own art and how it aligned with Picasso’s.

He influenced in no small way the art of Salvador Dali and Paul Klee.

One of my favorites is Leonardo da Vinci. He could also come in at number one for his pure genius in his time.

Leonardo was born 1452 – 1519. He had visions of flying, rough layouts of helicopters, flying machines, he was well versed in anatomy of the human body mainly for his drawings etc.

I think he was born in the wrong era. We all know he was the famous artist who painted the “Mona Lisa” the lady with the enigmatic smile. Doubtless he has influenced a countless number of famous artists throughout history.

My Next artist is Michelangelo (born 1475 –1564) I see him more as an artist-sculptor who has influenced both painters and sculptors throughout history.

Have you ever had the luck to see his famous Sistine Chapel? I’d call this absolutely magnificent works of art that has influenced the most notable of his Renaissance contemporaries. I think as a sculptor, his work will live on forever having an impact on all artists in the future.

Always my favorite impressionist is Claude Monet (born 1840 -1926). He is known as the founder of Impressionism with his colorful paintings of pure blue skies.

The one you may recall is titled “Impression-Sunrise”. He used lose brush strokes with emphasis on color. Then Monet went on to influence artists such as Seurat, Manet, and Vincent van Gogh and many other impressionists.

What is YOUR favorite artist throughout history?

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