Realistic Tree Drawings

 How To Draw Them
As if They are Real

Tree drawings are an important piece of your artwork and take on a key role to set the stage for your canvas. 

Drawing a tree is unique, like signing your signature, and can be used to bring out the vision in your mind and set the tone of the sketch.

Like mythical creatures and the hero in a movie, trees are like people with their own personality, attitude and plenty to say about themselves.

If you are just fooling around with your tree drawings, then draw a stump with a bump and you're done. However, to create the depth and character of your trees, you will need to start with a decision of how your tree is going to look and what purpose you want to achieve on your drawing pad or canvas. Do you need a spooky tree? A tranquil tree? A party at the beach palm tree?

Drawing A Tree
In a landscape or cottage in the country drawing, your tree needs to have star power. For maximum effect, bring your tree to the forefront of the canvas and give it a hunky-chunky trunk.

Add craggy vertical lines and shading to add some depth and keep the basic outline crafted with an irregular shape. Limbs and branches will be thicker nearer to the trunk and will sprout finer appendages as you move outward with your tree design.

If you are creating a graceful willow tree, be sure to add some breeze and flow to the leaves, bending them towards one direction.

Drawing Leaves
To create the leaves, quick sharp strokes will give you a more natural effect and you may turn a blind eye to logic and reason. A real tree goes the way it grows, so you do not need to be precise where every stroke of the limbs and leaves will be placed. How to draw a tree is totally up to you, so just relax and let your mood take you where your tree wants to be.

Drawing Spooky Trees
The next time you watch a good horror or suspense movie, notice how the director will use the trees to get your blood running cold. The spooky tree will bend and twist into a gnarly mess and reach down low with menacing branches. Ever see Lord of The Rings? Creepy. High wind effects animate your ghoulish tree to give it life to reach out and getcha. Keep the branches swaying in a fury, the craggy trunk full of temperament, and place your spooky tree center stage on the forefront of your canvas.

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