Try Drawing Pencil Sketches With Fibonacci Sequence

by Mary Bertha
(Daytona Beach)

Flowers have been a focus for artists for as long as humans have been creating art. To some, they have religious connotations, and for others, they're mainly admired for their vibrant colors and aesthetics.

Personally, I love drawings of flowers for multiple reasons. They're very beautiful to look at and exhibit a variety of physical characteristics such as; color, shape, symmetry, etc. They're also beautiful in a more abstract sense due to the mathematical qualities they show.

For example, the Fibonacci Sequence (1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 34, 55, 89, 144, etc) is often found in the average number of petals a flower has. The Golden Mean is also sometimes displayed as a spiral pattern in flowers such as the sunflower.

Another reason I enjoy drawings of flowers is because of their symbolism. Due to the culture, grown up in me obviously associate flowers with new life blooming after winter, warm weather, and the arrival of Spring.

I also see flowers as symbolizing beauty and femininity. A partner of mine likes to wear floral patterns. I think she looks beautiful in any outfit, but for some reason, the floral themed clothing adds something extra to her beauty? Maybe it's the "warmth" associated with flowers or some abstract connection to sex and creating new life?

The final reason I enjoy drawings of flowers is because my great grandmother did needlepoint art when she was alive. Our family still has a couple of pieces that she did and since they often involved natural settings I've always associated them with flowers and other plants.

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