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Have you ever seen crazy and out-of-this-world turtle drawings? Most images of turtles that you see must be the boring ones, I bet – the ones that leave nothing to your imagination. Turtles are cute creatures and deserve to have fun as well. Just like humans, turtles have feelings.

They feel love, happiness and sadness. Sometimes, they get scared too. They feel shy towards others, and they know how to be kind and nice. I bet they have dreams, too! I wonder if turtles dream of having wings so they can fly. These things cannot be captured by pictures. Now is your chance to transform an ordinary turtle into a Super Turtle! But how are you going to do this?

If you create your own turtle drawings, you can do almost anything. Turtles must have a very boring life. Now is your chance to change that by drawing the most outrageous and funniest turtle you can ever imagine!

I, for example, believe that turtles hate the fact that they are too slow in almost everything. Blame it on that heavy shell that they carry around on their backs. It would be fun to imagine that turtles could fly amazingly high and fast. Well, it may not move fast on land and water but what if it can really do awesome stuff on air.

Let’s try to draw that and for sure, we would not end up drawing a sad-looking, plain-looking and boring old turtle. For all we know, turtles are feeling jealous towards other animals that can fly high up in the sky and it dreams about being able to fly also.

Turtle drawings can be just about anything! A flying Super Turtle is wacky enough with strong wings attached on both sides of its heavy body. How about changing that a bit and taking the name "Super Turtle" more seriously? I’m pretty sure you know Superman. How about a turtle version of Superman?

A superhero turtle that can save a turtle damsel in distress, fly in the sky with a red cape and body-hugging costume, save the lives of millions of turtles, and have real and strong muscles. Your Super Turtle can be just about anything because if you can imagine it, you can draw it. It’s much like making a turtle’s dream come true through your drawings.

Ever thought of an athletic turtle? Sports require speed and fast movements; and turtles are known to be one of the slowest and laziest-looking creatures on earth - so make them look fast in your drawings!. They are least likely to be a part of an animal basketball or track team. But they do know how to swim! Why not create fancy turtle drawings that depict a real turtle swimming champion? Now, that is really not too out-of-this-world since turtles can really swim!

A turtle swimming champion diving its ways to the finals complete with trophies and an Olympic medal would be a sure-fire hit! How about we slip away from that idea and get into something funnier and much cuter – a turtle track-and-field Olympic champ! That would be awesome because it’s totally unheard of.

Great! Let’s draw a turtle race champion that’s running like the wind and faster than the other...well, turtles?

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