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Be My Special ValentineBe My Special Valentine

Think back for just a moment to your very first Valentine’s Day.  OK, is your mind now swimming with errant images of yourself as a newborn infant, drinking copious amounts of formula and not really caring what darned day it is, as long as you score more formula in a timely manner?

Fine then, fast forward to the first year that Valentine’s Day actually meant something to you.  Chances are that part of this significance could be attributed to a very special Drawing.

Perhaps this was a simple drawing that you yourself composed as a child; a crayon rendering of a smiling heart that you presented with pride to your parents or grandparents.

Perhaps your rendered heart was—terribly bad pun coming—decidedly halfhearted, maybe bearing more of a resemblance to a dilapidated apple that has seen better days than a timeless symbol of love. 

Yet it no doubt and nonetheless inspired your doting parents to post your artwork on the family refrigerator—if not submit it for eventual inclusion in the permanent collections at the Louvre, the Metropolitan Museum of Art, and other major galleries around the world!

Or perhaps your most treasured Valentine Drawing was one that you received in middle or high school, from your first big crush. 

Perhaps your gf, bf, bff, or other beloved abbreviation drew a heart, a rose, or even a portrait of you; affixing it to your locker or school desk for you to find and treasure forever—or, at the very least, until the following semester, when you saw somebody cuter in gym class.

The point (and yes, we do have one!) is that, even if it not artistically perfect, a Valentine Drawing is a gift that is sure to be treasured by its recipient.  This is due to the fact that, much like a personally penned poem (and not just one you ripped off a poetry website or paid your bestie $5 to write—you know who you are!), a personal etching is an illustration of your feelings for someone who is dear to you. 

If you take the time and expend the effort to create a piece of art—be it written or visual—for a loved one, then you are demonstrating your devotion to this special person; and creating a makeshift monument of your mutual connection.

So as this Valentine's Day approaches, should you dispense with all the bling, the cards, the chocolate boxes, and just present your one true love with a self-created illustration?  Um, no; that is, not if you’re interested in actually seeing the person again, at any point during your lifetime.

Yet if you’ve already bought the bling and are looking for a secondary gift that lends a personal touch, then by all means 'draw' on the depths of your genuine emotions and present your loved one with a Valentine Card.  

A Very Happy Valentine's Day!

Happy Valentine

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Valentine Drawings